Mr. Fischbach's Class - Room 404 @ LBMS
Mr. Fischbach's Class - Room 404 @ LBMS

Notes and Homework (General Info)

When is Homework Due?


Unless specifically stated otherwise, homework is always due the next school day. Assigned on a Monday then it is due Tuesday. Assigned on a Friday then it is due when you return to school on a Monday.


How Should I Complete My Homework?


I expect homework to be completed...

  • With the proper school heading.
  • On dedicated piece of paper or in a dedicated homework spiral binder.
  • Neat and carefully written in PENCIL!
  • Showing ALL WORK and steps!
  • All homework should be corrected with visible checks or slashes showing whether answers are correct or not in pen.


If you try to turn in homework with answers only you will get a 0. If you only do some of the problems then at the most you will get 50% credit. If your homework is missing any of the above elements then it will get 50% credit.

If you don't understand a problem then at least make an attempt to solve it and jot down a question or two about it.


Do I have to take notes?


You should be taking notes in class. If you find it difficult to write down and comprehend at the same time then you can develop a note taking strategy that works for you (perhaps... jotting questions and working the problem only in class). You may use the posted notes to fill in anything that you missed. I expect you to have notes available to show me on request for each and every topic.


How do I know my homework has been checked?


As the secretary is doing homework check-off it is your job to make sure you get the appropriate mark. The homework check-off is located at the back of the room and you may reference it at the end of the period or during my office hours. You can also check online (on the portal) to see if you got homework credit.


Remember you get no credit for answers only! You need to show whatever work you did to solve (no magic solutions on homework - write out the process). You also get marked down if your homework is in ink, is incomplete, is missing the proper heading, or is not corrected.


The navigation bar to the left allows you to find your subject notes and homework information.


Where do I find information on special projects?


The Projects page will contain information for all periods. Whenever we have special projects that are to be completed at home then there will be detailed instructions posted in that section.



Remember, the purpose of homework in the CPM program is to review, practice, and preview the math we have done, are doing, and will be doing.


The CPM program is a spaced practice program meaning it spaces out practice on concepts. For example, if we are working on fractions in class that does not mean your homework will just be on fractions. Your homework skill practice is staggered and will have multiple topics for you to work with.


Normally, you will have a about six problems consisting of two review, two current, and two preview problems. Don't expect to know how to do the preview problems perfectly. Just try your best.


If you need help...


The notes sections to help you on the current topic are usually found in the next section of CPM. So, if you need help on 1.1.1, then look in section 1.1.2 and so on.





You should also familiarize yourself with the resources offered by CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics). This is the math program that we will be using this year.


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Parent Guide w/ Extra Practice - 6th 7th 8th

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