Mr. Fischbach's Class - Room 404 @ LBMS
Mr. Fischbach's Class - Room 404 @ LBMS

Individual Challenges:

1980 Challenge: You submit an original & correct equation and earn potentially 5 bonus points to your overall assignments grade if your solution is still up at the grading period.

Winning class gets a party at the end of the semester.

Challenge Problem: Work out the answer and submit it by Friday and earn 5 bonus points to your overall assignments grade.

Team Challenges: (on hold)

Every five week grading period the teams compete. Lowest score is dropped and the remaining members are averaged to give you a team score.
The best team gets a 15 point boost to each member's overall assignments grade.
Any team score at or above 80% gives each member a 10 point boost to each member's overall assignments grade.
A team that improves by 5% or more wins a boost of 10 points to each member's overall assignments grade.
Boosts are not cumulative.

Math Madness Tournament: (on hold)

20 week tournament.
Like March Madness (elimination based on team vs. team results)
1st place: 5 homework passes and a party.
2nd place: 3 homework passes.
3rd/4th place: 1 homework pass.*Team members are subject to change at my request. Generally, changes will only happen in between Math Madness Tournaments.

Math Mega Buck HW Passes!

Attach it to a missing assignment for the ability to turn it in late for full credit.

Math Mega Bucks, Individual Challenges, Team Challenges, Math Madness Tournament, & Raffle

Earn Math Mega Bucks and spend them wisely! My philosophy is that the harder you work and the more initiative and responsibility you show then the more freedom and choice you earn.

Getting a homework pass allows you to choose when to turn in your homework. You can save it or use it immediately. It cannot be used for projects! It is only for daily assignments and can only be used once. You just fill it out, staple it to the completed homework and turn it in to the make-up folder. The assignment will then count as if it was turned in on the original due date.
If you are on task and working effectively then you will sometimes be rewarded with Math Mega Buck Homework Passes. You can either use them to turn in late assignments or put your name on the back and turn them in as raffle tickets for the end of term festivities.

Individual Challenges These are not group challenges but individual tests of math smarts. You need to be creative and hard working to master these challenges. Our ongoing challenge is called the 1980 Challenge. You have to come up with equations that use the digits 1 9 8 0 only (and in that order) that result in the whole number values 0-99. For example: (1)(9)(8)(0) = 0.

The rules are simple: 1) You may only use the digits 1980 in that order. 2) You can use any order of operations strategy you like to manipulate the equation as long as the digits 1 9 8 0 are used in that order. 3) Some methods would include... addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents (fractional, positive or negative), square roots, cube roots, factorials (for example 3! is (3)(2)(1) = 6), etc. 4) Solutions must be clear and accurate with all work shown carefully and a time and date clearly written.
Once you think you have a solution then you turn it in to your period tray at the back of the room with date and time noted (incomplete entries do not count). You can also turn in answers during my office hours or my working lunch. If someone else turns in the same solution at an earlier date and time then your solution doesn't get put up on the 1980 Challenge (doesn't count). There are several ways to solve for many of the whole numbers. If you can find a legitimate alternative then yours gets put up (as long as it is the first of its kind). All periods and classes can participate although it will be more of a challenge for Math 6 students.
What do you get for it? PRIDE! Okay, EXTRA CREDIT TOO! If you get a solution put up on the 1980 Challenge then you earn 5 point boost to your overall assignment grade.
At the end of each Semester the 1980 Challenge (or equivalent) challenge results are tallied and the winning class gets a pizza party (or equivalent event).
Over the course of the year I will also post Challenge Questions! If you successfully complete and turn in these challenge questions you will earn an additional 5 point boost, for each correct answer, to your overall assignments grade.

Team Challenges You are all in this together. You are part of a learning community and should be supporting one another. With this in minds, after the first week or so you will be placed into cooperative teams. Teams will be between 3-5 members. You will be expected as part of your assignments grade to be working with and supporting your team. You will exchange contact information. You should help your teammates and your teammates should help you. If you miss class or don't understand the homework then your teammates should be able to offer some support. I choose your team and at any time I reserve the right to make changes to your team. Generally, if the teams are balanced they will not change. If I plan on making a change to your team then it will happen at a natural break (Semester ends, Math Madness Tournament ends, etc.)

As an incentive to working together there will be a little bit of friendly competition. Each 5 week challenge you will get bonuses to your overall assignments grade (if certain criteria are met).
This is how it works: I will drop the lowest score from each team and average the remaining scores to get your team score. Lets say team 1 has four scores... 65, 78, 84, 90... I will drop the 65 and average the top three (78+84+90)/3 ... the resulting team score is 84.
Here are the rewards: 1) The highest team score earns a 15 point bonus to each member's overall assignment grade 2) Any team with a team score of 80 or above earns a 10 point bonus to each member's overall assignment grade 3) Any team that improves by 5% or better on there team score from the previous team score earns a 10 point bonus to each member's overall assignment grade. Awards are not cumulative. In other words you don't get 35 point bonus for being the top score above 80 and improving by 5. You get the best award you qualify for.
Remember, the 5 week team challenges are not between classes but only competing within a given class period. I will use the grading period percentage for the purpose of tallying team scores.

Khan points and Class Dojo rewards!

Every week the top performers on Khan Academy and Class Dojo will be rewarded with a small treat and/or Math Mega Buck Homework Passes. The more focused you are in class and at home the more you will be rewarded. There will also be an end of term prize for the most prolific Khan Academy student.

Math Madness Tournament (On hold)

Your team scores will also determine who wins the Math Madness Tournament. This a friendly four quarter challenge! It is set up March Madness style. The first five weeks determines seeding (top 8 teams get placed). The second five weeks is the quarterfinals! The third five weeks is the Semifinals! The final semester mark is the Finals! The 5 week challenge team scores will be used to see which teams advance.

Here are the prizes:
1st place: 5 homework passes and a party (at lunch or after school)
2nd place: 3 homework passes.
3rd/4th place: 1 homework pass.
You may earn Math Mega Bucks and use them as raffle tickets. You can earn raffle tickets for a special raffle held at the end of each semester (There will also be smaller raffles radomly throughout the year). You can earn these tickets by not being tardy, having perfect attendance, doing a classroom job, showing excellent behavior in class, etc. The more tickets you earn the better chance you have of winning the raffle and taking home the totally awesome prize.

You should also familiarize yourself with the resources offered by CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics). This is the math program that we will be using this year.


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