Mr. Fischbach's Class - Room 404 @ LBMS
Mr. Fischbach's Class - Room 404 @ LBMS

Our School values: Respect, Excellence, & Community!


Respect: I keep my hands and feet to myself at all times. I honor others' ideas and contributions even if they are different than my own.


Excellence: I take pride in my work. I do the right thing even when no one is watching. I come to class everyday prepared to learn.


Community: We take care of our learning environment and materials. We advocate for our own needs and the needs of others. We encourage and bring out the best in everyone. 



These are the expectations I have for students. I believe they are nicely aligned with our school values.

  • We show respect. - Respect

  • We are good citizens. - Community

  • We are self-starters. - Excellence

  • We respond to signals.  - Community

  • We try until we succeed. - Excellence


1st Intraction: 

  • Verbal warning (or negative feedback on Dojo or Classcraft)
  • Student Incident Report (SIR) form.

2nd Infraction

  • SIR form
  • Parent contact
  • Reflection form
  • Possible removal to buddy teacher's class
  • Possible time delay on exit

3rd Infraction

  • SIR form
  • Parent contact
  • Reflection form
  • Possible removal to buddy teacher's class
  • Possible meeting with behavioral interventionist or counselor
  • Possible time delay on exit

4th Infraction

  • Office Referral

* I will sometimes assign a time delay on exit to the whole class if the issue is related to the majority of the students. If students correct their behavior then this delay is usually reduced.


Grades will be posted on the ABI portal.  They are also posted in class on the Room 404 Scoreboard (approximately every 5 weeks).

I will round up on .5 or higher for the purposes of grades. Make sure to take advantage of the extra credit opportunities afforded to you.

You have to get 74.5% or better on your final semester 2 assessments grade in order to guarantee that you get to keep all your extra credit. Passing grades must be based on mathematical skill.

Office Hours? Get the help you need.

I will be available Tuesday at lunch in room 404. 


GRADES Grades will be posted on the parent portal. I will try to update grades as often as possible but it may take me up to a week or two to get them online. I will do my best to get the results posted reasonably.
97-100% A+
93-96% A
90-92% A-
87-89% B+
83-86% B
80-82% B-
77-79% C+
73-76% C
70-72% C-
67-69% D+
63-66% D
60-62% D-
57-59% F+
53-56% F
0-52% F-
I will round up on .5 or higher for the purposes of grades. Make sure to take advantage of the extra credit opportunities afforded to you.

I will be using a rubric grading system on some tests and projects. Here is the generic 10 point rubric I will be using. Notice that the lowest grade your student will receive on tests is 50% if they make an effort to attempt every problem. If they leave a problem blank they will get 0%. 

Here is the generic 10 point rubric I will be using.
Adobe Acrobat document [101.4 KB]

What is the grade breakdown?

Math 7-8 and Math 6-8

  • 25% Assignments (including homework, daily assignments, notes, projects, classwork, etc.)
  • 65% Assessments (tests, team tests, quizzes, timed tests, online quizzes, etc.)
  • 10% Final Exams
7th Grade
  • 30% Assignments (including homework, daily assignments, notes, projects, classwork, etc.)
  • 60% Assessments (tests, quizzes, timed tests, etc.)
  • 10% Final Exam

8th Grade

  • 20% Assignments (including homework, daily assignments, notes, projects, classwork, etc.)
  • 70% Assessments (tests, quizzes, timed tests, etc.)
  • 10% Final Exam

What if I miss an assignment?

If you miss a homework assignment because of illness you have 1 weeks from the date of your return to turn it in with no penalty.

If you miss a homework assignment for any other reason you may not make it up. You may, however, do an extra 60 minutes on Khan Academy weekly and earn the equivalent of 1 homework assignment of extra credit effectively making up missing assignments. I reserve the right to max out your homework percentage including extra credit to 100% to limit artificially inflated grades.

The only way to make up a missing homework assignment if you were not absent is to use a Math Mega Buck Homework Pass (by attaching it to the make-up work). If you turn in missing work with a homework pass then it will count as if it were turned in on time.

Projects are the exception. Projects must be finished and turned in even if you are absent on the due date. Everyday a project is late it loses half a grade - or a 5% penalty.

What if I fail or miss a test?

There will be no make-up tests for regular assessments. The only tests that can be made-up are the benchmarks and finals. All other missed tests will go in to the grade book as NA. The lowest assessment score from each semester will be dropped.
I will using a graduated grading system. This means that tests at the end of the year will be worth more than tests at the beginning of the year. This is to allow for CPM's cyclical nature. In general, CPM Tests are only 35% new material and 55% review material. So, in theory, students will do better as the course moves forward because they will have had repeated and continuous exposure to the topics.


  1. We show respect: I expect you to treat yourself, fellow classmates, and me with respect at all times. You may not like an activity or you may question my decisions but any concerns you have should be brought to my attention in a respectful manner.
  2. We are good citizens: I expect you to conduct yourself as a positive member of the class and the school. Generally, this simplistically can be tied to the golden rule. Do onto others as you would like done onto you. Make sure you realize that we are all in this process together. I want to help you learn and I expect you to help yourself and your classmates do the same.
  3. We are self-starters: You should understand the established routines and norms of the classroom. You don't wait for me. Make productive choices. Don't waste time and always be asking yourself, "What should I be doing right now?" Effective indepedent study on Khan is a perfect example of being a self-starter.
  4. We respond to signals: I expect you to be responsive to the signals that I provide in class. If I ask for quiet or focus through any method then (my bell, lights flickering, music, etc.) I expect immediate response.This includes the school bell. When the passing bell rings you should be in your seat and working on the appropriate task.
  5. We try until we succeed: "A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step." Learn from your mistakes and move on. Growth only happens when you are challenged. Work to be the best you can be and you will be successful (Knowing you gave it your all and have no regrets is its own success). Do not give up on yourself. Do not give up on me. Together we will succeed if you work and work and work. Ask questions! Come to office hours! Use your teammates! Math is about making mistakes and working through them. 



I believe in having strong routines and I try to provide positive reinforcement whenever possible. The learning environment should be effective, rewarding, and fun. If you don't respect the procedures then there are consequences (warning, trash pickup, detentions, phone call home, etc.) The more you show me that you are mature and responsible then the more freedom and choice you get.

What is the dismissal policy? The bell does not dismiss you. I do. When the bell rings I will hold you until the room is clean and back in its initial condition. The room must be ready for the next class before I will dismiss you. I withhold the right to hold the class over for a few minutes if necessary.
What is the hall pass policy?You will be get four hall passes per semester. If you use all of them up then you will have to serve a 15 minute detention (lunch or after school - my decision) to make up for any additional hall pass requests. Please use the passing periods, nutrition, and lunch to take care of your personal needs.
What is the tardy policy?

There is a tardy sign in sheet by the supply across from the door. If you are not in my class and at your seat and ready then you are tardy. Sign yourself in and then put the sign back on the supply table carefully.

If you are tardy once then you will get a warning. If you are tardy two or more times in a semester then you will get a consequence (note home, trash pickup, detention, etc.) for each tardy. 6 tardies in a semester is an automatic U. There is an offfical school process for tardies. You will also be recieving SIRs (Student Incident Reports) for each tardy and these will be sent to the administration for tracking purposes. 

We have a lot of material to cover and I cannot afford to waste class time because you are tardy. I can't teach you if you are not in my class!
What do I do when I enter the class? These are the expectations I have when you enter the class: You have until the music stops or I inform you (via countdown) to finish these tasks - roughly 5 minutes. You should be working independently and quietly.
  1. Take out appropriate materials (Have homework ready to turn in...)
  2. Correct your homework (as a group or individually)
  3. Write down the homework (fill in your planner).
  4. Use the HW Timeout area to show me what you found difficult - 1 at a time.
  5. Work quietly on the warm-up problem or team activity.
What do I do when I am absent?
You should still be able to look at the notes and homework section to get your assignments and complete them so they are done upon your return. If this is not possible because the homework is a handout or something that is not posted to the site then you should come to my office hours to get any missed assignments or handouts so that you can make them up. It is your responsibility to catch up when you miss time in class.
What materials should I have?
  • 5 mechanical pencils/ 5 pencils with sharpener that contains the shavings.
  • Eraser
  • Thin dry erase markers (5) and an eraser (an old sock will do in a pinch)
  • 2 Red Pens
  • 2 other colored pen (not gel pens)
  • Highlighter
  • Ruler
  • 2 math spiral notebooks (preferably with graph paper)
  • Math Binder ( not shared with other subjects)

SUPPLY CHECK: 3rd Monday of the year. Having everything counts as one homework assignment.

You should also familiarize yourself with the resources offered by CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics). This is the math program that we will be using this year.


General information -


Homework Help - 6th 7th 8th


Parent Guide w/ Extra Practice - 6th 7th 8th

Office Hours: Tuesday at Lunch

Use this time for...

  • Tutoring
  • Questions
  • Make-ups
  • Etc.
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