Mr. Fischbach's Class - Room 404 @ LBMS
Mr. Fischbach's Class - Room 404 @ LBMS
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How can you get involved?

Classroom Jobs


All jobs pay in raffle tickets or homework passes. 1 month of service is worth two math mega bucks or one homework pass. When a job opportunity arises then make sure you apply.

Secretaries: (2) The secretaries are the students who collect and grade homework and other assignments.
Mailpersons: (4) The mailpersons are the students who pass out materials to the class. Notes, graded homework, tests, etc.
Techies: (2) The techies are the students who help me with anything technical, take pictures, turn on or use the projector, laptop, lightspeed, etc.
Monitors: (2) The monitors are the students who deliver things, receive messengers, etc.

I will try to make sure that all of you get an opportunity by the end of the year to work at a job if you want one.

You should also familiarize yourself with the resources offered by CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics). This is the math program that we will be using this year.


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Parent Guide w/ Extra Practice - 6th 7th 8th

Office Hours: Tuesday at Lunch

Use this time for...

  • Tutoring
  • Questions
  • Make-ups
  • Etc.
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